We interrupt your scrolling to bring you a very special announcement from your creators :)




We interrupt your scrolling to bring you a very special announcement from your creators :)




Uh are these new shots of Kuvira or did I miss something?


I discovered this fact today, “When a person cries and the first drop comes from the right eye, it’s happiness. Left eye, pain. Both, frustration.”

Look which eye Korra was crying from in the finale.. I hope Bryke made that intentional…image


The Legend of Korra Book 4 Facts and Rumor Roundup

The Final Season

Hopefully to curb any misinformation, here is everything we know about Book 4:

  • Book 4 will be 13 episodes long.
  • Studio Mir will animate ALL of Book 4.
  • Book 4 will constitute the end of The Legend of Korra.
  • Jason Isaacs (Zhao, Book 4 likely a new character), Jason Marsden (Aye-Aye, Huan), and Anne Heche (Suyin Beifong) recorded at least one scene with Kiernan Shipka (Jinora). source
  • Korra will still have fight scenes. sources 1 & 2
  • Korra and Katara have a scene together. source

Book 4 production progress:

  • The animatic stage of production is complete. source
  • The design/color stage of production is “in the home stretch.” source
  • Voice recording is likely complete based on the fact that it has been ongoing since at the latest September of last year.

Unclear information / rumors:

  • Book 4 is rumored to be titled Balance. This is claim is completely unfounded but possible.
  • Given that Book 1 focused on Korra learning Airbending, Book 2 on the Water Tribes conflict, and Book 3 on the Earth Kindgom, it is likely Book 4 brings us to the Fire Nation and current Fire Lord, Zuko’s daughter.
  • Kuvira (voiced by Zelda Williams) was name-dropped several times in the finale seemingly without purpose, as well as having a sinister musical theme play when introducing herself. For these reasons it is likely she is being set up for a bigger role in Book 4, possibly as a villain.
  • Book 4 is rumored to have a January 2015 release based on the fact that this is when the Book 3 Artbook comes out, and the previous Artbooks have had releases timed approximately with the next season. Beyond this grasping-at-straws connection, January seems like a reasonable release time considering how far along production is and the fact that online distribution eliminates Nick’s scheduling issues.
  • Bryke have stated that 2014 was Korra’s last big SDCC panel, meaning that Book 4 will be released before summer of next year. This further supports the Q1 2015 rumor, as well as the likelihood of us getting our first look at Book 4 at NYCC this year, October 9th-12th.

More and more Book 4 information should be coming out soon, and this post will be kept up-to-date as it happens!


Can we talk about how Kuvira (voiced by ZELDA WILLIAMS) saved Tonraq, a fatherly figure?




Book 3 | Episode 12: ‘Enter the Void’ clip

wow…I am so excited…please let there be the greatest of fights between Red Lotus and the Beifong babes!




As many of you guys know, I was lucky enough to go to San Diego Comic Con this year and go to The Legend of Korra panel and signing. I was also lucky enough to be able to pick up an unsigned poster from the Con, so I’ve decided to create this giveaway to give one fan a chance at owning this gorgeous poster! I’ve done a few giveaways before and they’ve all worked out well, so here’s another one. Rules:

  1. Reblog and/or like this post to enter!
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  3. Giveaway ends Friday August 15th 2014 at 9 PM EST.
  4. There will only be one winner chosen through a random number generator. 
  5. Winner has to be willing to provide personal information such as the address I will ship to and must respond to the message I send to them within 24 hours. (And it would be nice if you posted a picture of you with the poster if you win!)
  6. I won’t be able to ship internationally (meaning outside of the USA) unless you are willing to pay the extra cost of shipping. Sorry!
  7. You do not have to be following me to win! Consider this my gift to the fandom and the fans who weren’t able to attend SDCC. 

That’s pretty much it! If you guys are interested in purchasing this poster in case you aren’t able to win, I am selling an identical poster on eBay to help offset some of the costs of comic con. 

I am also selling a signed Sanjay and Craig Poster, a signed The Following Poster, a signed Sons of Anarchy Poster, a TMNT Poster Set, and a Divergent Poster and Pin Set in case any of you are interested in that! Good luck!

Only one day 3 hours left!


Tomorrow, episode 11 of Book 3 of The Legend Of Korra, “The Ultimatum”, will be released online. It should be up on at 11:30 AM EDT (Nick says noon but last week’s episode was set to automatically go up at 11:30am) at this link:

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